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STRIDE BP has approved 366 and recommends as preferred only 175 of the over 4,000 electronic blood pressure monitors currently available on the market

STRIDE BP is an international scientific non-profit organization founded by hypertension experts with the mission of improving the diagnosis and management of hypertension. 

STRIDE BP's website has reached 280,000 views from 198 countries, which have dowloaded Blood Pressure Device lists over 240,000 times                                   

Working towards a world with accurate blood pressure measurement and better hypertension management.
The measurement of blood pressure is the most common procedure performed in clinical medicine. However, despite intense efforts for several decades worldwide, accurate blood pressure measurement remains a largely unresolved public health issue, with poor methodology and inaccurate devices often being responsible for misdiagnosis and mismanagement of hypertensive patients.

Eamon Dolan, MD, MRCPI, PhD

January 24, 2019

Stroke and Hypertension Unit, Connolly Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Dr Dolan is a stroke physician and geriatrician. His research interests include cardiovascular epidemiology, blood pressure monitoring, arterial stiffness, resistant hypertension and stroke. Dr Dolan completed his research thesis with Professor Eoin O'Brien. This fruitful collaboration has allowed Dr Dolan to develop an international profile in hypertension research.

In 2006 Dr Dolan took up a Fellowship in Stroke Medicine at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and was appointed consultant there in 2007. He returned to Connolly Hospital, Dublin, Ireland in April 2009. Dr Dolan was an investigator on an number if studies including the Dublin Outcome Study (DOS), ASCOT ABPM, IDACO,ROX Control HTN and APOLO studies. He has published over 100 peer review papers in the areas of hypertension and stroke. He is a current board member on various national, international and journal advisory boards related to the area of hypertension.