Mission & Vision

Hypertension: Number 1 worldwide killer

Elevated blood pressure, which affects about one third of adults world-wide, is the leading risk factor for death and disability with many hypertensive people remaining undiagnosed, and many of those who are diagnosed and on treatment are inadequately controlled.

Blood pressure measurement - Step 1 for hypertension management

The accurate measurement of blood pressure is the first essential step in making a reliable diagnosis, and accurate measurement remains an essential procedure to ensure optimal management of hypertension. 

Unfortunately, the methodology for blood pressure measurement is very poor whether performed by doctors, nurses, pharmacists or patients themselves. To add to this, most of the devices available for measuring blood pressure are inaccurate, with a minority of devices on the market having been subjected to independent validation using an established protocol. Thus, many subjects with suspected hypertension are over- or under-diagnosed, and those being treated for high blood pressure are over- or under-treated due to a combination of a poor measurement methodology and/or use of inaccurate devices.

STRIDE BP initiative

STRIDE BP is an international non-profit scientific organization founded by hypertension experts from around the world with the mission to improve the accuracy of blood pressure measurement and the global diagnosis and management of hypertension. STRIDE BP provides international scientific guidance for blood pressure measurement methodology and technology to (i) health care providers, including specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists, and nurses, (ii) the public, including people with hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases and healthy people with an interest in cardiovascular health, (iii) regulatory bodies, (iv) medical device manufacturers. The STRIDE BP website presents (i) lists of accurate blood pressure measuring devices, (ii) educational modules on blood pressure monitoring methods, (iii) blood pressure measurement tools for clinical use.